septic tank pumping

We recommend pumping your septic system on a routine basis.

Aerobic septic system on an average is recommended every three to five years.

Conventional systems are recommended to be pumped every five to seven years.

However depending on usage this may not be accurate. 

What we do different that your average septic tank pumping company.

We will have a registered and trained maintenance technician or provider to be on location.  We will locate all of your tanks and remove and rinse all sludge from your tanks.  Will inspect the condition of your tanks and recommend any additional repairs if needed.

Our prices

We do try to stay competitive.  We will not give you a low ball price over phone and try to charge more once we get there unless inadequate information is provided.  We currently charge $400 for both 500 gal/day aerobic systems and 2 or 3 tank conventionals not exceeding 1050 gallons.  Larger systems will be more.  We charge $25 per foot per hole for systems deeper than 6 inches up to 2 ft only.  Excavator fees will be quoted for any tanks greater than 2 ft deep.

Pumping Brochure

Thank you Pumping instructions (pdf)