B & J Wakefield Services, Inc. or any of its subcontractors are not responsible for any utilities that may be damaged during the excavation process accessing septic system for pumping. We are not responsible for damaged driveways caused by trucks. We may choose to charge additional fees in the event that tanks are farther away than 100 ft or tanks are deeper than 6″. We must have clear access to tanks with no vehicles within 20 ft of where truck needs to get to tanks. Hoses do whip around during the vacuum process. We will not be responsible for any damages to tanks, lids, risers, piping, etc. while accessing tanks.


Information is provided within the contract signed. By paying for maintenance or inspection contract, the property owner is agreeing to the contract agreement attached to this website within the contract page.

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Changes In Privacy Policy 

Changes in this privacy policy will be noted and updated as needed. 

Last updated: 4/28/2012 

Contacting Us 

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OSSF Real Estate Inspections

Disclosure: We do not inspect sewer lines nor lift stations unless additional fees were paid and that we are made aware of these items. All inspections are visual inspections only and mechanical parts inspected that are visible on the OSSF system only. We cannot inspect wiring within conduit, for example, nor predict when a pump will go out. Therefore, this inspection only determines operation of the system while we were present.

Aerobic System or Secondary Treatment: Inspection of this system is good for the time of inspection only. System can leak or water can penetrate during rainy times, which may not be noticed during this inspection. Inspection is only a visual inspection and we cannot determine life span of any system or its parts. How the system was manufactured, installed or maintained can adversely affect the system. We highly recommend the user of this OSSF system learn how to properly maintain and operate the type of system they will be using. This inspection is no guarantee that the system won’t fail in the future.

Conventional or Standard System: Any standard septic system with gravity flow in unsuitable conditions can result in failure in the future. Weather conditions such as drought and flooding, tree roots, poor maintenance and over usage are only a few things that could potentially cause the system to fail. If the system is in unsuitable conditions, such as a high water table area, fractured rock area or class IV soil area, the system will need to be replaced if it fails, per state law and local authority regulations. We highly suggest that you read the information available on our website ( to help get the most out of your septic system. We recommend having your system routinely pumped, cleaned and visually inspected for potential failures. Each septic system is unique in how it was manufactured, installed, used and maintained by others. This inspection is a visual inspection to see if it fails at time of inspection only and does not constitute a guarantee to work in the future.