Septic System Pumping

We recommend pumping your septic system on a routine basis

It is recommended that an average aerobic septic system be pumped every three to five years. Conventional systems are recommended to be pumped every five to seven years. However, the frequency of pumping needed may vary based on usage. Pumping your septic system is an important part of basic maintenance, and will help keep your system running smoothly over the long term.

What to expect from pumping your septic tank

Hiring B&J Wakefield Services means a registered and trained maintenance technician or provider will be on location to perform your service. We will locate all of your tanks and remove and rinse all sludge. We will inspect the condition of your tanks and recommend any additional repairs that may be needed. Sometimes, we will leave some water in the aerobic plant to allow beneficial bacteria growth. The aerobic plant is not sludge and typically does not need pumping. Clarifier sludge is removed at the surface, but is a living bacteria that grows and disappears if healthy. This will allow your aerobic bacteria to remain healthy. We carefully follow manufacturer recommendations on how to properly pump each system. This is why we have trained technicians, instead of non-licensed or improperly trained personnel used by some other septic companies.

Hose on septic truck for tank pumping

Request Septic Pumping Service

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Please note: we require payment at time of service or before coming to the property. In the event that additional fees are required for service, we will contact you upon arrival. A non-refundable fee of $200 is due for all call outs where our truck arrives at the location but cannot perform service.

Septic pumping brochure

We strongly encourage you to download and review this helpful brochure with instructions for what to do after your septic system has been pumped.