Septic Inspection

Residential Septic Inspections

Keep your septic system healthy

We provide a range of visual inspection services for septic systems. Our thorough visual inspections will help catch any unknown issues or potential problems that could prevent your system from working efficiently. Don’t wait until costly problems arise—let our septic experts give you peace of mind and help keep your system well maintained.

Review our inspection contract rates and select the right plan for your needs

Full Pay Contract CostInspection Plan
Mechanical Coverage
Full Coverage
12 Installments Cost$23$40$58
Service Call Fee (if called out other than routine maintenance during normal business hours only)$50$25$0
Emergency Service Call Fee (weekend, holidays, non-business hours)$125$100$75
Inspections Per Year333
Inspections of Listed Components*
Air Compressor Cleaned
Irrigation Pump Filter Cleaned (if needed)
Sprinkler Head Filters Cleaned & Adjusted (if needed)
All Mechanical Parts Repaired or Replaced (restrictions apply to Jet and Norweco) *residential 500/600 gal/day systems only
All Accessible Electrical Components Replaced or Repaired at No Cost *residential 500/600 gal/day systems only
Sprinkler Heads Replaced or Repaired (if needed)
Sludge Removal from System

We have recently revised our service plans to make things easier and allow us to provide better service to our customers. From this point forward, we will be offering the service plans listed above. We know this will likely reduce the number of customers we have but it will allow us to provide top quality customer service to all our valued customers. We updated our most popular plans and of course we did have to adjust the prices slightly due to the rise in cost of our supplies and operating costs. The less popular plans and the plans that did not provide quality maintenance have been dropped from our options. Your current maintenance contract is still valid but at renewal you will have the above plans to choose from and we wanted to notify you of our new plans now.

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