Service Contract – Full Coverage


Purchase our Full Coverage septic system service contract. Click “Add to cart” to pay for the entire year or scroll down and click “Pay monthly” to pay in 12 monthly installments. Includes three system inspections, air compressor cleaning, all mechanical parts repaired or replaced, all accessible electrical components replaced or repaired, sludge removal, and more.


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    Click below to purchase the monthly installment payment option for this plan:

    Pay monthly buttonBy purchasing this service plan, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our Contract Terms & Conditions.

    Purchase our Full Coverage septic system service contract and pay for the entire year or pay in 12 monthly installments. This service plan includes:

    • No Service call fee
    • $75 Emergency service call fee (weekend, holiday and non-business hours service calls)
    • Three system inspections per year
    • Air compressor cleaning
    • Irrigation pump filter cleaning
    • Sprinkler head filters cleaning and adjustment
    • All mechanical parts repaired or replaced (restrictions apply to Jet or Norweco)
    • All accessible electrical components replaced or repaired at no cost (residential 500/600 gal/day systems only)
    • Sprinkler heads replaced or repaired
    • Sludge removal from system

    What to expect:

    Same as Inspection plan and mechanical coverage PLUS: 

    We will pump and clean your septic system under normal operating conditions. First year under plan will be excluded because it will be considered a pre-existing condition that it already needed it. We consider normal conditions as pumping once every three to five years and all risers to surface. We will charge additional fees for any conditions that require excavating or digging to access tanks or adding risers, etc. 

    Sprinkler heads replaced. These will be replaced due to normal wear and tear if they pop off or stop turning. If they are destroyed, then we will probably tell you a mower hit it. They are not covered if damaged by mowers or freezing, etc. Pipe or fittings below ground are not covered and will be invoiced. 

    Electrical includes control panels, wiring connections, some wiring, and floats. If a part goes bad, we will take care of it. If it is a simple wire pull, we will take care of it. If it is a unique situation such as broken conduit, going under a retaining wall around a corner around that building 100 ft. away, etc. then we probably will not cover under this plan. So, we will keep it at up to 20 ft. wire pull no conduit included in plan if necessary. Simple standard control panels only. If you have customized parts or unique parts, we may exclude. However, most system are simple. We do not cover power surges or outside damages from rodents, fire ants, dogs, weed eaters, storms, etc.