Commercial Inspection Contract – 12 Months


Purchase our commercial septic system 12 month inspection contract. Pay for the entire year or pay for a monthly subscription. Includes one BOD/TSS per year and one chlorine fill during normal inspection. Inspection of aerator(s), irrigation pump(s), disinfection device, chlorine supply, electrical circuits, distribution system, spray field vegetation, sludge reading from pump tank and overall condition of septic system.


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    Purchase our commercial septic system 12 month inspection contract and pay for the entire year or pay for a monthly subscription. Get peace of mind your commercial septic system will run smoothly with monthly inspections. This plan is per aerobic system. For multiple system setups, please contact us for custom pricing. This plan includes:

    • One BOD/TSS per year
    • One chlorine fill during normal inspection
    • $60 appointment or notification fee (if needed)
    • Inspection of aerator(s), irrigation pump(s), disinfection device, chlorine supply, electrical circuits, distribution system, spray field vegetation, sludge reading from pump tank, and overall condition of septic system

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