Contract Terms

B&J Wakefield Services septic service contracts

Review the service contract terms relevant to your septic system needs. By purchasing a plan online or by contact us directly, you acknowledge and agree to all terms as described in these contracts. If you have any questions about which type of service is right for you, or for assistance with purchasing, renewing or updating agreements, please contact us. For general legal disclaimers and our website privacy policy, please visit Legal Disclaimers.

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How our service contracts work

We will check your system as normal but in addition with all our plans we include routine cleaning of filters when necessary. If technician sees that a pump filter or spray head filter needs cleaning; the technician will either clean it at time of service or set up a repair technician to come service your septic system. Customer can also call and request a filter cleaning once per year if they notice sprayers getting weak at no additional cost. We will add chlorine to your septic system at time of service if needed.

All customers will receive text and email notifications of service typically the day before and when technician is on the way to your location. You can respond to email and or text in which will allow you to verify address is correct and if there is any concerns you have or any items you wish to have our technician to check out closely. Our office and technician will both see the correspondence. You will be able to view the progress of the technician on map when in route to your location.

Once our technician is at your location, he will take several pictures of progression of work and digitally record inspection. You should receive inspection shortly after technician has completed. Remember if you have any concerns, you can still message him, and he can read your messages before he leaves. If not and he misses something we can always send out a repair technician to take care of it.

When complete the technician will email you a report indicating if everything was operational or if anything was non operational. We highly recommend that these reports be followed up on. We will try our best to contact you directly by phone in the event we have anything we consider a hard failure or non operational.

For returning customers: For years we have had cheap plans to warranty plans. We have always wanted to be able to provide a great service to everyone. With labor, materials, fuel, vehicle cost, and just about everything we purchase sky rocketing we had to make adjustments not to include not able to find employees we have decided to focus on being able to truly provide great customer service and truly taking care of your septic system which is why we only offer plans that provide these services.

Service agreement

This is the contract for all septic system inspections and repairs.