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Please complete the following fields for important information needed to perform your septic service. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. Upon completion, carefully review the contract terms and sign below to proceed to payment for your service.


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We allow online payments and contract agreements. By Paying and/or filling out our forms we accept this as your online signature and that you are agreeing to our contract terms.

* Inspection of aerator(s), irrigation pump(s), disinfection device, chlorine supply, electrical circuits, distribution system, spray field vegetation, sludge reading from pump tank and overall condition of system where visible.

Residential inspections are once every 4 months or 3 times a year.

B & J Wakefield Services, Inc. (BJWSI) will inspect and/or maintain the OSSF at location specified in this contract. This inspection will cover (1) checking the irrigation pump and spray field to be sure they are operating. (2) Checking any warning lights and/or audible alarms for motor malfunctions or failure. (3) Testing effluent as required for your type of system.

B & J Wakefield Services, Inc. or representative of BJWS will test and inspect the OSSF system and make out a report on each service. A copy of the report will be provided to the customer upon request, to the regulating authority, and B & J Wakefield Services, Inc. will keep one on file.

By paying or signing up for this contract, the customer is allowing B & J Wakefield Services, Inc. or a representative of BJWSI to gain access to property without complications at the location of the OSSF system. The Customer will not be notified before entering property, unless appointment fee is paid.


Repair and replacement parts will be an additional charge separate from regular maintenance, and if any lab cost are involved. Before any additional work is done, an agreement on time and price for parts and labor will be made on any items greater than $100. Some repairs may require deposits. Full payment is required upon job completion.

If the customer notices a problem with the OSSF System, they need to contact B & J Wakefield Services, Inc. as soon as possible. A representative for B & J Wakefield Services will respond to the location of the OSSF by priority. Property owner(s) or Care Taker of Property must be either on location or accessible by phone to authorize repairs and provide payment.

If repairs are to be less than $100.00; BJWSI may determine if necessary, to proceed with repair to OSSF system without notifying customer; unless customer request otherwise. Any repair over $100.00 will be scheduled with customer(s) permission.


Labor rates are 1 person $100/hr and $25/hr for each additional person on location plus service call and parts if applicable. If licensed installer or Maintenance provider required to be on location cost is $125/hr additional.

Contract start date can be changed by BJWSInc., to date of final signature.;;Licensed inspectors Brian Wakefield, MP15

Other items -----------------------

BJWSI will not be held liable or responsible for any failures related to the OSSF System or its components. Property owner has 100% liability on their OSSF System. We require you to learn how to use your OSSF system and recognize when it is failing to prevent further damage to home or property. If adding chlorine to your system on a routine basis this also helps property owner recognize any potential dangers. Please keep all pets and unauthorized persons away from tank area and components of OSSF system. We recommend a sewer relief valve at two way cleanout cut below lowest fixture in house.

B & J Wakefield Services, Inc. will not be held liable for damages to property gaining access to property or for any items in or around OSSF system. We do ask customers to leave access to all components of the OSSF system so that we may work or inspect the system without complications. This includes entry onto property.

Contract Cancelation -----------------

IMPORTANT. If you wish to cancel your contract with us please notify us in writing. We will need 30 days notice. If credit card is on file this will be used to settle balance on account.

- Contract can be terminated by BJWSI if payment is not made. In the event if payment(s) are not made your contract will be terminated. Full amount of contract will be outstanding and due immediately.

Warranty Plans -----------------

'- Our warranty 1, warranty 2 and warranty 3 plans are inspection plans and extended warranty plans on 500 gallon per day aerobic spray plants and cover these parts as indicated:

-all warranty plans are subject to an initial warranty inspection visit. No items will be covered until this inspection is done.

- Mechanical items are water pumps and air compressors. These warranty plans do not cover aerators manufactured by Jet or Norweco, we can use a aftermarket part or if unit can be rebuilt we will consider it on a case by case bases or prorate the item. We will not cover Norweco's Bio Kinetic Filter.

Jet and Norweco have their own extended warranties. We can quote prices which property owner will be charged for shipping both ways plus replacement value difference.

- Electrical components are control panel, and wiring from control panel to pump tank.

We will not cover any fixed film or media devices.

- These warranty plans do not cover pre-existing conditions, accidental damages, improper usage, unauthorized repairs, theft or anything that is not considered normal operation of the system.

- We will not cover pumping due to overloading of system or because of leaky tanks. Will not cover pumping the first year of the warranty plan.

- We will not cover poor installation methods, leaky tanks, leaky risers, failing tanks, or sewage lines.

Access to OSSF System---------------------------

Customers with animals, locked gates or limited access to OSSF system.

B & J Wakefield Services will not be liable for animals. We will not be responsible for animals that get out of fenced area where any of the components are located to the OSSF system. Property owners are responsible for any animals that can cause harm to any service person that has been allowed on the property. Property owner must sign up and pay for appointment if any dangerous situation exists on property or technician cannot gain access to OSSF system on property. B & J Wakefield Services is not responsible for any damages gaining access to the OSSF system on the property or damages gaining access to components on the OSSF system.

Rental properties ---- Property owner will be required to either have in contract with renters or some form of agreement notifying renters that there is a OSSF maintenance agreement. Must allow maintenance personnel onto property to perform their duties and to leave OSSF accessible. If technician is unable to access property for any reason a service call fee will be billed to your account and payment will be required for return visit. It is property owners responsibility to contact B & J Wakefield Services if system will not be accessible.

Transfer of Ownership of Property--------------------------------

We require seller of property to notify buyers that the system is serviced by B & J Wakefield Services. Buyer and seller will be required to notify B & J Wakefield Services of transfer of ownership. All invoices on account must be paid in full before transfer of ownership of property. Monthly contract payments are for convenience but are still a yearly contract and full payment is still required. We will allow transfer of contract in writing and buyer to continue payments. Fully paid contracts will be transferred to new owner. New owners may cancel contract but no refunds will be given. If new information is not provided about new owners contract will be cancelled once recognized.

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