Commercial Septic Services

12-Month commercial septic inspection contracts

We offer annual contracts for inspection of commercial septic systems which include twelve inspections per year. Commercial service also includes one BOD/TSS lab sample per year. For your convenience, we offer the option to pay for your entire annual contract at once, or a monthly pay option so you can pay over the course of the contract. The monthly pay option requires a sign up fee and two months payment up front, then the remaining eleven months paid individually. Commercial septic contracts are per aerobic system. For custom pricing on servicing multiple systems, please contact us.

Select a payment option

$915.00 per year

$76.25 per month
+$111.25 setup fee

B&J Wakefield Services, Inc. has the right to refuse any contract that is submitted. By signing up online you are accepting the terms of our contract.
See below or visit our Contract Terms page.

Commercial contract terms

B&J Wakefield Services, Inc. (BJWS) will inspect and/or maintain the OSSF at location specified in this contract for the amount of time indicated in this contract. This inspection will cover (1) checking the irrigation pump and spray field to be sure they are operating, (2) checking any warning lights and/or audible alarms for motor malfunctions or failure and (3) testing effluent as required for your type of system. Repair and replacement parts will be an additional charge separate from regular maintenance, and if any lab cost are involved. Before any additional work is done, an agreement on time and price for parts and labor will be made. Some items may require deposits. Full payment is required upon job completion. Service charges apply on all service calls other than regular maintenance. If payment is not received this contract will be voided. You will be contacted by letter as well as the regulating authority.  Payments made after 30 days will have an interest rate of 8% APR, after 90 days a $20 late fee will be assessed and after 180 day’s account will go to collections and/or lien placed along with fees for collection will be assessed. If you wish to cancel your contract; please notify us by mail or phone so that we can fill out the appropriate forms. All contracts are for one year; no refunds will be issued. BJWS is not responsible for any overdrafts on your banking account if debit card is used for your account on file with us. 

In the event that repairs are done parts and labor are due upon completion of work which will be at time of invoicing. If payment is not made BJWS will return to property and removed parts that were installed and keep in our possession until product is paid for. We will provide report indicating what was removed.  Property owner shall not use system until repaired.

If the customer notices a problem with the OSSF System, they need to contact B&J Wakefield Services, Inc. as soon as possible. BJWS will respond within 48 business hours either by phone, fax, email or text to set up a date for repair. Customer is not contracted to BJWS for repairs just for inspections only.  Additional services provided per plan chosen (see contract plans).

By signing this contract, the customer is allowing B&J Wakefield Services, Inc. or a representative of BJWS to gain access to property of location listed above to maintain and service the OSSF system. Customer will only be notified before we enter property if additional annual fee is paid to setup appointment to inspect or repair properties where the OSSF system is located. If repairs are to be less than $100.00, BJWS may determine if necessary to proceed with repair to OSSF system without notifying customer, unless customer request otherwise. Any repair over $100.00 will be scheduled with customer’s permission. B&J Wakefield Services, Inc. will not be held liable for damages to property; sewer backups; gaining access to property; or for any items in or around OSSF system.  For example; gates, lids, piping, gardens, bushes, plants, walls, failures or results of failures with OSSF system and etc. We do ask customers to leave access to all components of the OSSF system so that we may work or inspect the system without complications. THE DISINFECTION UNIT WILL BE MAINTAINED BY customer or BJWS if serviced monthly or more. Contract start date can be changed by BJWS to date of final signature. Contract not valid without approved stamp. 

Monthly payment plan will have a sign up fee with two payments payment up front. Then $76.25 a month for the next 11 months. BOD/TSS will be performed once per year and is mandatory per State Law and County Regulations on all Commercial Properties. Out of courtesy we will add chlorine to your septic system. This contract is good for only one aerobic septic system per contract. If there are more than one permit or aerobic septic system, then multiple plans will need to be chosen.