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Warranty 3 Plan

$600 / year

or $54 / month

Appointment or notification fee $15.00

Service call fee $10.00 during normal business hours

 Warranty 3 Plan not only includes routine check ups and maintenance but we cover and replace air compressors and water pumps at no cost to you. Even the electrical components are covered from the control panel to the wiring from the control panel to the tank.   These parts are included in this plan when they fail. 
In addition to all of this we will include sludge removal (pumping) once every three to five years which does not include first year of plan.  

Option 1. Warranty 3 Plan

Warranty 3
Phone number
Special Instructions

Monthly plans require that you set up a PayPal account.  If you do not want to set up a PayPal account you can call the office and we will set up auto pay in our office not using PayPal. 

Option 2. Warranty 3 monthly

Phone number
special instructions

Option 3. Warranty 3 Monthly with notification or appointment fee

Phone number
special instructions