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All of our employees have gone through an extensive background check for your protection.  You will always have a state certified technician at your pump out.  We carry general liability and workman's comp on our employees.  These are questions you need to ask the other companies before hiring them to pump your system.  Do not take the risk of a company that is not insured or properly trained on your property unless you want the liability.

We suggest pumping and cleaning your system every 3 to 5 years depending on usage and before sludge levels reach 10" inside your pump tank.  sludge levels will start clogging your pump and cause it to over heat and go out.  Most companies do not have certified technicians to clean components while on location.  With our service we will remove and clean your water pump.  Your tanks will be rinsed out and all sludge removed from all tanks.  

Conventional systems in our area can backup during heavy rain periods.  We will be more than happy to pump and clean your system but in many cases this will not correct your issue.  The issue is typically water table being to high and entering your lateral field in which runs back into your tanks.  this water table will not subside with pumping and only will subside after it stops raining and slowly goes down.  This is when most pumpers take advantage of you.  We ask that you open your clean out next to house to allow the sewage to come out there and not into house in an emergency situation only.  Then contact us so we can give you your options on correcting your failing septic system.


Don't be fooled by companies that charge you full price for part of your system.  You do have multiple tanks that need to be cleaned not just one.  In this picture of a 500 gpd aerobic system you see 4 risers.  It is important that all of this system be pumped and cleaned.  In most cases installers buried your first and second tank access so your typical pumper will lead you to believe that you have one tank and take your money.  Don't fall for this trick.  Use us or a company that has certified technicians on staff and that are reputable.


Conventional systems will typically have two 500 gallon tanks or three 350 gallon tanks.  In larger houses there can be larger tanks.  If you decide to go with the cheaper company always watch and ask questions.

Questions to ask:

1. Where do you have my septic waste hauled to?  (the homeowner is responsible by law that the sludge transporter hauls there waste to a licensed facility and disposes of your waste properly)

2. Ask for a receipt or manifest where the sludge is being transported to.  If you contact our office and request a manifest we will be more than happy to provide this document.?

3. Is your TCEQ registration up to date?

4. Is someone at the job a licensed maintenance technician or provider? (especially important when it is an aerobic system) (law states this is considered maintenance)

5. Do you keep detailed reports on file if we need to contact you several years down the road? ( Our company does keep your account on file in our software system and can be accessed immediately with when it was pumped, gallons, disposal site, driver and other notes)

6. How many gallons does your truck hold?  (we can pump most all systems in one load without having to run back and forth)

7.  Are you insured and do you have workman's comp on you and your employees.  Homeowner's can be responsible if someone is injured on your property. 

If a pumping company offers you work under the table they are probably not licensed.  Homeowner can be taken to court for allowing a non licensed person to work on your system.  Typically this work does not last very long anyway.  Only a licensed installer can altar, repair or replace a septic system.  Your average pumping company neither has the knowledge or expertise to diagnose and repair a system.  They are usually there to take advantage of you.  A reputable pumping company will be a full service company or refer you to a licensed installer to determine what issues your are having.

Yes we do it all.  Sign up for your pumping and cleaning right here.  Or call us at 972-938-3355

* We will have a trained maintenance technician pump your system.  We are trained and certified on all brands to correctly pump your system.  Don't be fooled by some of the other pumping companies.  Most of them do not have a license to maintain your aerobic system and are just registered sludge transporters that have no training.  All of our employees go through background and drug test.  So you are safe with us.

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