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We will make every attempt to pump your system on date that you request but due to our schedule we may not be able to provide you the service on that date. We will notify you be email or phone if this date is not available.
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                             PUMPING FEES

All fees are approximate cost on normal operating level of system and access ports present within 6" of surface with no rock to excavate.  Normal sludge.  

We do pump all tanks and rinse them out.  Unlike many other companies.

We will always have a TCEQ registered technician or licensed person onsite during the cleaning and sludge removal.  Each of our employees are trained and certified to properly pump and inspect all types of septic systems.

Type            Tank                Price           

Standard System      (2)    500 gallon tanks    $400.00               

Standard System      (3)    350 gallon tanks    $400.00               

Standard System      (3)    500 gallon tanks    $450.00              


Aerobic                     500 gallon/day               $400.00           

Aerobic                     600 gallon/day               $465.00           

Aerobic                     750 gallon/day               $550.00         

Aerobic                     1000 gallon/day and up  $ 0.25/gal  


Any                           Full load  3750 gal          $937.50             

Minimum charge on call out - $200

These charges are for first hour only on site.  If system requires more attention such as roots, baby wipes, grease, heavy sludge, rock excavation and etc. customer will be billed per quarter hour increments at $100/hr.

Dig fee is $25 a foot after the first 6" per riser up to 2 feet only.  If buried more than 2 feet or rock was used for backfill and we must excavate rock estimate will be provided.  Equipment fee is a minimum $200 plus $100 labor plus riser material. 

Additional services such as cleaning pumps and spray filters etc will be charge $25 per ¼ hr. plus parts if necessary for any non-contracted customer or contracted customer with select saver or silver plan.