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 Platinum Plan

$280 / year

or $26.34 / month

Notification fee $35.00 / year

Service Calls during normal business hours other than normal routine maintenance $20.00

Platinum plan includes all of our basics but includes a little bit more service than all the cheaper plans.  This plan has cheap service calls and a discount on most commonly stocked parts.  We will even provide you with either 10lbs of chlorine per year or a 1 year supply of our waste digestant.  
 Notification fee must be paid.  Notification includes any communications that are required before arriving to property location such as office or technician having to call and let homeowner or resident know we are coming out.  We will not notify property owner if this fee is not paid.  If we are unable to access property service call will be charges to return for inspection.

Option 1.  Full Pay 1 year

Phone number
special instructions

Monthly payments will require setting up a Paypal account.  In the event that you do not want to set up a Paypal account you can contact our office and we will set up not using Paypal.


Option 2.  Monthly Platinum - 1 year plan without notification fee

Phone number
special instructions

Option 3.  Monthly Platinum - 1 year plan with notification or appointment fee

Phone number
Special Instructions