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In the event of sewage backup the following items will need to be checked. 

1.  Check all breakers on septic system including the breaker in the house. All aerobic systems will have power and some conventional systems do as well if there is a pump inside the tank.

2. Open two way clean-out next to house.  Use caution.  Need to wear protective clothing such as rubber gloves, face shield and water proof clothing         such as rain gear.  Sewer has a lot of bacteria that can make you sick.  

         A. If Sewer line has no water or sewage in it you will need to call a plumber at this time or snake back towards your house. 

         B. If Sewer line is full and sewer is running out onto yard this should temporary allow to drain from house.  

3.  If alarm is going off you can silence your alarm by pushing or switching the toggle on your mute switch.  Each brand of control panel has them in          different locations and methods of silencing.

4.  Call us at 972-938-3355 if backing up into house.  We screen our messages over the weekend and call you back if backing up into house.   We have emergency services available in which emergency fees will apply.